Great Strides 2005 ~ $8000+

Great Strides 2005 ~ $8000+

We never imagined that our first year walking in Great Strides would be so successful. It was beyond my wildest dreams that we were able to take the lead and earn the top spot as the team with the most money raised for our walk area. Our first year out we made just over $8.000. It was unbelievable.

Great Strides 2006 ~ $15,000+


I had my doubts. I was HOPING to barely make what we had in 2005. I knew that it must have been some sort of fluke or something. How could I repeat such a stellar performance? Imagine my surprise when our final total nearly doubled from the previous year!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!

A large reason for our success was due to one of the biggest surprises of my life! I have been a part of a WONDERFUL group of 7 women across the country (one even lives in the same city as I do!) who became my close friends online in 2001. We were all pregnant with our first children and we were all due in January of 2002. We remained close friends online with occasional phone calls and cards. During Allison’s birth and subsequent hospitalizations, they remained by my side and a constant source of support. Unbeknownst to me, they began to plan a surprise reunion. I was absolutely floored when the night before the 2006 walk, they all (except one) came walking up my driveway. It was the last thing I EVER expected to happen and that moment will remain emblazoned on my mind for years to come. Dana, Terry, Cyndi, Steph, Kerry, and “Bev”…. you know I cannot thank you enough… for everything.


The people who come to walk with us inspire me. It takes a very special person to give of yourself in the hopes of helping others; of helping Allison.

Thank you so much… it means the world to know that you care.




First off, there’s some very special people who have taken on a huge role in our fundraising efforts.  I very much would like to thank my sister-in-law, Mandi, for being the “Queen of the Beans!” (and the candy bars, and the suckers…!) She has sold more beanies than anyone I know!  Included in this group of super beanie sellers are Mandi’s aunt, Patty, and her mom, Dee.  More special thanks to my Mom, Lorraine, and my sister-in-law, Janis, and my friend, Marikje, my Aunts Barb, Kathy and Marian, my mother-in-law, Lauren, and my cousin Jessica, who all took on the challenge as well.  We are not successful without you!

And how could I forget?  I have to THANK the PEOPLE who BOUGHT the adorable little CRITTERS!


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